Any media that helps with correctly representing what we do helps us on the current case and the next one.  The media cannot be ignored.  They are a tool in the toolbox and they can help when you develop the right relationships.

Good cadaver dog article

The great Philly Magazine article

A great local article

Missing man located

10 questions with our Chief

Cold case closed

Acclaimed teacher found

Article about how we work

Missing disabled men in NJ

Cold case getting colder

Villanova mans car found

Missing man from Villanova

What makes a search

Finding Anna Maciejewski

Toni Lee years later

A look at the process


Non-print media is a little tougher because it can be taken out of context and most people don’t do as well video.  With a good reporter doing a good interview the story can be crafted to help develop the case.

Piece about missing persons

Comprehensive piece on Search & Rescue

Case closed

At it again

Interview about wanted survivalist

Dinner for the missing

Cold case uses technology